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 I am available on Tuesdays from 7:45-8:30 a.m.   If you find your child is having difficulty on a particular skill, please e-mail me to let me know the day before the extra help session.  Each student should be prepared to tell me his/her area of concern or weakness.  Please note this is not a one-on-one tutoring session;there might be other students in the room also receiving instruction. I also might send an extra help form home to be signed by a parent if I feel a student needs extra instruction in a particular area.  

Please refer to individual subject areas below for specific information!

Social Studies

Social Studies Essential Question Unit 5:  Why might people live or visit the SW?

Essential Question Unit 6:  How do resources and people of the West make the region unique?

Week of  5/28: We will be reading about people of the SW in Chapter 11; there will not be a major test with this chapter because I want to move onto the final region, the West!  Students will be having a geography test on the West on Tuesday, June 5.  They should know points of interest, two-letter state abbreviations and capital cities in the region!  They received their first "practice map " on May 24!  There will be a "Regions" map project to end the year in social studies.  Students will receive a large map/poster of the United States which they will have to divide into the five major regions of the United States; they will be working on a first draft of dividing our country into the five regions referring to their textbook p. 4 & pp. H 16- H 22.  Students will receive directions and a rubric that they should adhere to when completing this project!  The project due date is Wednesday, June 13!

All social studies handouts should be kept in the yellow Social Studies folder until students are tested!  It's essential that students master key vocabulary words in each chapter and study on a daily basis.  Don't wait until the last minute to study for a test; it's too much information and overwhelming! Good organization and study skills are important in fourth grade!

Religion:  Chapter 19 Essential Question:  What can you do today to be a witness of truth?

Week of  5/28:   We will begin Chapter 19, "The Eighth Commandment".  

   I will grade pages requiring short answers and illustrations in the We Believe book by referring to the following criteria:  (1.)  well-thought out answers in complete sentences, (2.)  neatness, (3.) following written directions, and (5.) eye-appealing illustrations (if there are any).  

  Please send your child into school with rosary beads if you have them at home.  The whole school will be praying the rosary at 2:15p.m in the cafeteria the first Friday of each month. 


Nancy Larson Science Essential Questions Topic D =  What are ecosystems?  What are the characteristics of ecosystems and how can they be examined?

 Week of  5/28:  Students will be tested on Part II Ecology on Thursday, May 31!  Students will receive a study guide on Tuesday, May 29 which will be worked on in class and finished at home.  

Students will continue to observe the life cycle of the darkling beetle first hand in class using hand lenses.  They are recording their observations in their small groups. Observations from the larva to the pupa (chrysalis) stage and finally into the adult beetle stage have begun! 

It's essential that students study the vocabulary words and information learned in class.  The Nancy Larson booklets needs to stay in the students' green science folders. These booklets need to be available each day in class.  If the booklets are left at home, students can fall behind since the lessons in school require the students to highlight or complete different activities in the booklets! 

 The students will receive usernames and passwords to access resources online at  They need to click on "Student Links".    

You will see students working in specified individual booklets that relate to the topic being studied rather than actual textbooks.  This program is hands-on with lots of online resources.  The students love the slideshows, experiments, and activities that accompany this science program. 

Students should keep all Nancy Larson handouts along with their booklets in their individual green science folders!  These will be used along with a review sheet to study for an upcoming test!

Topic 12:  What does it mean to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators?  What is the standard procedure for adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators?  How can fractions and mixed numbers be added and subtracted on a number line?  

Topic 14:  What are customary and metric units for measuring length, capacity, weight/mass, and how are they related? 

 Students need to master basic facts.  Go onto Reflex online program three times per week for 8-15 minutes per session until green light is obtained in program!  Automaticity of facts is essential in fourth grade. 

Week of 5/28:  We will be finishing Topic 12 this week; test on chapter 12 is Wednesday, May 30.   Students will also be working with conversions of measurements in Topic 14.   We will continue with center activities with partners and playing the mental math multiplication game, "Power of 10".   

Every student's goal should be to complete the Reflex Math Program by the end of fourth grade!


Reading: Unit 6's  Essential question:   What does it take to achieve our goals and dreams?

Weekly story 5/28: "How Tia Lola Came to Visit Stay"

Weekly-tested vocabulary words:  affords, colonel, glint, lurking, palettes, quaint, resemblance

Test will be given on Monday, June 4!

*The weekly vocabulary words and meanings are sent home each Friday(unless it is a short week) on a handout with the next week's spelling words. Students should be well-prepared in terms of the weekly words' meanings for the weekly reading test! During the week, students work on vocabulary activities. This sheet also tells students and parents what will be focused on in grammar during the upcoming week.

Weekly reading tests assessing weekly vocabulary, decoding, and comprehension skills will be given on Fridays unless otherwise noted. 

English/grammar:  Week of 5/28:   Students will be learning how to cite sources correctly, both manually and by using the easy bib citation machine!  Students will continue to focus on writing well-detailed paragraphs with indented topic sentences.  

When typing any essay, indent each paragraph's topic sentence (hit tab button!).  Use double line spacing throughout with size 12 lettering in Times New Roman Font.  Do not include extra spacing between paragraphs; just indent each topic sentence to signal start of new topics! A full heading should be included at the top of the paper! Remember to save document on the computer in case any changes need to be!    

Sample heading:   Name                                                           Grade 4

                            Our Lady of the Valley                                  Date


Include title of essay underneath the heading before typing first paragraph!  



Spelling:  Week of 5/28:    Please see Important Links section on first page.  Spelling sheet is due on Tuesday, May 29; test on Thursday, May 31 this week!

  On Fridays, students are given the new spelling words for the upcoming school week.  Students are often given a word sort or other spelling activity which is due on Tuesday of the following week.   This should be an easy "100" homework grade every week!  *Please note,  spelling word sorts need to be handed in on time and completed correctly to receive a "100".    If the spelling word sort or assigned activity  is a day late, it receives only 75% credit.  Two days late = 50 % credit.  More than two days late = 0% credit. 

Additional spelling activities are worked on throughout the week.  The weekly spelling test is given on Thursdays unless noted otherwise.  Students are graded on the twenty words on their lists along with two or three dictated sentences that I create to reinforce grammar skills that are worked on during the week.  The five challenge words on the word list are strictly extra credit worth one point a piece.  Students are not penalized for getting the challenge words incorrect. 

Please refer to Grade 4 Weekly Spelling List on first page of Grade 4's web page underneath "Important Links" to view next week's spelling words or the Google Classroom online site.



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