Weekly Newsletter


Weekly Newsletter

October 3, 2017

The Reading and Spelling Test will be on Thursday, October 5th.

*In the Reading Street Series we are in Week 4 of Unit 1.

Unit 1 Essential Question:  What can we learn from exploring different places and things?

Weekly Question:  What can we discover by exploring the desert?

Genre: Expository Text

Comprehension Skill:  Main Idea and Details

Comprehension Strategy:  What is the paragraph mostly about?  (This is the Air Balloon)  What details are holding the balloon up? (This is the basket on the Air Balloon)

Phonics Skill:  Inflected Endings

Conventions:  Declarative and Interrogative Sentences

In CAFE we are learning how to Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, and Word Work.  CAFE stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary.  This is being incorporated with the Reading Street Stories. Students are learning the program a little each day with foundation lessons in each area.



In Mathematics, we are at the end of Topic 2.  Topic 2 has been about addition strategies and the basic concepts and language for adding and different methods students can use.  A Practice Test (worth a Quiz grade), will go home on Friday to be returned the following Tuesday.  There will be a Topic 2 Math Test on Tuesday, October 10th.  Please make sure your child continues to practice math facts regularly.  Remember, students should be going on the Reflex Math at least three times a week.

In Science, we are still in our first unit on The Physical Properties of Matter.  Student have learned what Matter is and whether it is natural or man-made, and whether the matter is living or non-living. Students are currently learning the different attributes and characteristics of solid matter.



In Social Studies, students have been learning what a community is and what the different types of communities are.  We will also be learning about Christopher Columbus and the positive and negative contributions that he has made.

In Religion, we have finished Chapter 2.  There will be a Religion Test on Tuesday, October 10th.  Remember, key words and highlighted segments are the most important information.

In Penmanship, we are reviewing print letters in the D’Nealian format.  This will help us when we begin cursive.  We will start learning how to read in cursive in December.  After students can read cursive we will begin learning how to write in cursive.

Test dates will be on the Google Calendar under About and also under each topic in the Stream section.

Please email or write me a note with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Grady






Please do not post pictures of other children from field trips or school activities on Facebook.  The school has a photo policy.


Spelling Words

Spelling Words for September 29th - October 5th

Phonics Skill:  Inflected Endings

1. dropped

  2. dropping

3. excited

4. exciting

             5. lifted or amazed

             6. lifting or baking

7. hugged

                    8. hugging or dragging

             9. smiled or ruined

                 10. smiling or believing

          11. talked or danced

12. talking

Two frequency words are always on the Spelling Test.  

Students are not told ahead of time which two words they will be tested on.

The frequency word options for this upcoming test are:

     1. animals

 2. early

3. eyes

4. full

   5. warm

  6. water

*Please note, that on the Spelling Test number 15 is a challenge word and number 16 is a challenge sentence.  If students get one or both of these correct it will add points to their test or cancel out another wrong answer on their test.  The will, however, never lose points on a challenge word or challenge sentence.                                                                                                         



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